Teeth Grinding Help Options


Do you need help with your bruxism, teeth grinding? Bruxism is the involuntary or habitual grinding of your teeth when you sleep. Many people such as myself have ground my teeth down to the nerves. This can be brought on by many factors such as stress or alcohol, drug use.

Veneers are the first option I will discuss. Many people use veneers when they have worn down or bad teeth. The dentist will file down the tooth a bit and applies some glue on the tooth. Then they add a little cover, called veneer to the front of your tooth. Unfortunately with teeth grinders, this is not a good option. Most grinders would just pop the veneers right out of their mouths at night. Veneers are not as strong as teeth and grinders really go to war with powerful jaw muscles. Veneers are also a costly option of up to $1,000 per tooth depending where you live in the US.

The next option is adding filler. This is less costly than veneers. The costs are no more then $250 per tooth. This is a nice temporary fix for grinders who have worn down their teeth to the nerve. This will stop the pain. The nerves will no longer be exposed. This may help some, if you are not a heavy grinder. Heavy grinders potentially break off the fillers. I have had fillers in my teeth for about a week and think they will hold.

The final option is a cap. The caps cost a little more than veneers, but they are much strong. Caps can go anywhere in price up to $1,250 per tooth depending on where you live. This is the best option for grinders who have ground down their teeth.

If you have the money I recommend that cap option.

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